Career in Journalism

Career in Journalism

Best journalism & Mass communication college in Delhi

HIMCOM a top journalism & Mass communication college offers Journalism courses in Delhi. Journalism is a form of writing that tells people about things that really happened, but they might not have known about it already. People who work in newspapers, magazines, websites, TV or radio stations are called “Journalists”. Journalists should have an unbiased attitude while covering any event.

Journalism is beyond a career option; it is a mission for those who seek to contribute to a better society.

Be a Professional Journalist

Journalism is a crucial element in the social, political, and cultural systems of a society. To become a professional journalist, one must have a hunger to explore beyond what might appear on the surface; not only this but also should possess the integrity to reveal the truth besides writing clearly and comprehensively.

Here are some of the qualities to become a successful journalist.

  • Oddity: Curiosity to know more One should be ready to learn, explore, and experience things differently.
  • Creativity: Generate interesting stories beyond news and facts as it is an art that every journalist must master.
  • Creative Writing: It is one of the most important aspects of being a journalist. An ability to write simply and correctly so that the right message is conveyed is very essential.
  • Tirelessness: The search for truth needs to be intense. Bringing truth in front of the masses regarding every matter is the primary responsibility of a journalist.
  • Boldness: One should be bold enough to speak fearlessly.
  • Precision: Be sure to be factual. Research and verify every detail while writing any news item or a feature.
  • Courteous: Etiquettes are a must. Simple courtesies such as ‘thank you’ helps in maintaining good relationships with people around you./li>

It gives a kick start of your career

Journalism has gone through enormous changes, and the emergence of the internet had made news viral this environment makes reporting even more challenging. The development of the internet and loom in social media has opened up new routes for people to access news. Journalists can use any medium to reach out to the world.

Choosing journalism as a career option it is important to have the correct knowledge of the diverse field of journalism which helps to make an informed decision.

Print Journalism: This is the oldest and most traditional form of journalism. Writing for newspapers or magazines, and being a print journalist is a highly responsible job as the content cannot be changed once printed. Articles are often accompanied by relevant images provided by photojournalists.

Photo Journalism: It plays a vital role in reporting a story. A picture speaks volumes. Right images capture the emotions and make the story more authentic. A picture helps in pitch in what at times words can’t.

Broadcast Journalism: Television and Radio are characterized under Broadcast Journalism. The broadcast includes reporters, cameramen, producers, editors, sub-editors anchor, and many more people to work behind the scenes so as to make it happen.

Digital Journalism: Invasion of multimedia has increased the swiftness of journalism. With this speed, multimedia journalism is growing and this is quite challenging for journalists.

Earlier in the day, being a journalist was referred to as the scariest and the riskiest job, but now people feel safe as journalists and have the power to support their organizations. Journalists should always be “at work” even after stepping out of the office.

Where Potential becomes achievement:

With increasing opportunities for employment within the media profession, journalism today is preferred as a great career choice. HIMCOM as a media institute is keeping up a wider association within the industry.HIMCOM offers its students extensive placement assistance at attractive salaries. HIMCOM a top journalism & Mass communication college believes that if you aspire for an excellent career in journalism, you need to start that with the simplest training for it.

Career in Journalism

“HERITAGE INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT AND COMMUNICATION” a top journalism & Mass communication college provides both theoretical and practical training by eminent faculty from industries who are working journalists. HIMCOM prepares its aspirants for the challenges and moves up the ladder within the media profession.

Students are first encouraged to stay updated with the current affairs, and news, paying close attention to the content, structure, and language of the various kinds of stories in mainstream newspapers, and on multimedia platforms.

Through lectures, classroom editing exercises, and outdoor reporting assignments, students are taught to assemble news, and write and edit it in a simple yet, precise language required for newspaper readers. The curriculum includes instruction in identifying the newsworthiness of a story idea and writing different types of stories.

Students are taught to reinforce their news-gathering, news-writing, and editing skills in an incremental manner. Students are also encouraged for writing editorials and opinion pieces.

They are taught to figure under the pressure of reporting with strict daily deadlines and to narrate their experience on their blogs.

Our faculty members come from different prime news organizations and academic institutions with considerable experience in print, broadcast, and digital media. Education and grounding in HIMCOM are designed to endow students with wide-ranging skills so that they can perform confidently in the current technology-driven industry, be it print, digital, or media.

HIMCOM a top journalism & Mass communication college has already trained and placed many students in mainstream journalism and promises to be persistent.

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