Advertising and Public Relation

Advertising and Public Relation

Introduction (Advertising & Public Relation)

The time in which we exist is fondly known as the age of acknowledgment. And the basis of development of the various sections of this age is Advertising. And when you mention Advertising it has direct association with Public Relation.

This is the age where the mass is affected and influenced by the media. This is the era where the power of advertising and public relation is a tool and a weapon, which, if used appropriately, can do wonders for the industries and the people.

Publicity is a requirement. For every industry, organization or institution out there, creating, maintaining and uplifting a good reputation among the public is very crucial to their development. And to do that means to understand the way of thinking of the masses and use it to model a perfect example.

Course Objective:

At HIMCOM, you learn how to advertise a product and then maintain that image in the mind of the masses for a longer time. This course is about both advertising and public relations. So, the aim is to prepare you in a way where you can master both, creation and maintenance of a strong bond and image as well as applying tactics to persuade the public to buy what your organization sells, which helps one individual to understand Advertising and Public Relation to the core.

Diploma in Advertising and Public Relation moulds a candidate to groom in advertising and marketing field by knowing the variations in consumer behaviour and the basics of public relation and importance of various media as a medium of various Advertising. The course aims at skill as well as perspective building for advertising aspirants. It seeks to deliver skills for managing advertising businesses, by combining theoretical learning in the field of communication with the right blend of management education. It provides hands on practicaltraining on all core parts of Advertising and Public Relation.

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